Bailey + Vince // Bay View Park

This session almost didn't happen! While I was on my way to meet Bailey and Vince the sun was shining and it was looking like a perfect day for a session. As I got closer to Milwaukee it was clear to see that there were very dark rain clouds rolling in. I was optimistic that it would hold off until our session was over, but then just as I was pulling up to Bay View Park - it started to rain! I texted Bailey and we decided to wait in our cars for a bit to see if it would clear up. Soon after the dark clouds were gone and the sun began to peek out again! It was still a bit chilly for a September evening but we will take a little chill in the air over pouring rain any day. I am obsessed with how all of these photos turned out!

You will see that their dog Jax may or may not have stole the show. :)