Ellie + Dylan

Weather in October is crazy. The day of Ellie + Dylan's scheduled engagement session was dark, rainy, and windy! I was holding out hope for the sun to peak through the clouds in the evening as my weather app was predicting! Early in the afternoon I checked my app yet again to find that the slight chance of sun had completely disappeared. :( At this point I reached out to Ellie for her thoughts on rescheduling. She said her and Dylan were happy to continue with the session regardless of weather. (They traveled up from Chicago so rescheduling would be nearly impossible this late in the fall season!) We planned to meet and crossed our fingers that the weather would improve. We got so lucky!! The sun started to shine just as I was driving to meet Ellie + Dylan and stayed out for most of our session! We had such a fun time and I am looking forward to their wedding next fall at The Mercantile!